About Dr. Sara Ryan

Acupuncture RI - About Dr. Sara Ryan

Sara Ryan, D.Ac is a native of Rhode Island who returned to New England in 2002 after studying and practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles / Santa Monica for many years. Dr. Ryan completed her medical studies at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. She graduated SCL from this 4-year comprehensive program that encompassed both Western and Eastern medical studies. She opened her Providence, Rhode Island acupuncture practice in 2002.

Dr. Ryan is a former competitive athlete whose interest in complementary medicine evolved from a young age as an adjunct to her athletic training. This slowly evolved into a passion for all Eastern studies. Her world travels exposed her to many forms of healing and holistic philosophies. Among her work, volunteer and travel experiences are: Buddhism studies under the Dalai Llama in Dharamsala, India; Tibetan medicine studies in Dharamsala; serving Tibetan refugees in India; various Western medical settings serving refugees and children with cancer in Costa Rica; working as a dietary supplement specialist in LA, CA; nursing home care in the United States; acupuncture work in an acute pain-management clinic in Los Angeles.

Other studies and certifications include a BA from Boston College; pre-medical studies at Providence College; Nursing Assistant Certification; Dietary Supplement Specialist certification (IACET-approved); continuing education with emphasis on the treatment of gynecological disorders and infertility acupuncture, pain management, acupuncture facelifts and chemical dependency, among others. Dr. Ryan engages in continuous medical training as new educational opportunities arise. In her practice she treats a wide variety of ailments.

Dr. Ryan emphasizes a holistic approach to healing - she and the patient work together to promote health by reviewing nutritional, fitness and lifestyle goals. She feels that complete health requires the integration of all parts of our being, and this means that we must be broad minded in order to accomplish this in our modern complex life. Along with traditional Chinese medical methods, she believes in skillfully integrating and respecting western nutrition and western medical modalities to create optimal health.

Dr. Ryan is a an in-network provider with Blue Cross - acupuncture is slowly being covered by more and more insurance companies as they realize that it saves them a fortune in the long run. Please see Blue Cross Blue Shield RI website https://www.bcbsri.com/BCBSRIWeb/index.jsp . To find out if you have acupuncture coverage, please call your Blue Cross plan (the phone number on the back of your card) and ask them 1) if you have acupuncture coverage; 2) How many visits you have per calendar year; 3) what is the copay for acupuncture; 4) are there any exclusions.

Dr Ryan will also work with the patient to submit for out-of-network reimbursement from other health insurance plans.

Dr. Ryan is NCCAOM certified (National Certification) http://www.nccaom.org/ and she is licensed in RI, California and Massachusetts (see links below).